How WE increase
well-being and performance
step by step.

Seminars, trainings & workshops:
Live resilience.

FITFIRM training sessions aren’t theoretical, short-term interventions. They’re a real journey with lasting effect. Everyone starts by applying medical diagnostics and the personal ROME® profile to determine their individual starting point. Live trainings, inspiring input, self-reflection, authentic exchange, and playful practice point the way to greater well-being and performance. With a personal action-plan each individual enters the most important phase: the 40-day challenge for application and integration into everyday life. During this phase we provide support via apps, coaching and virtual meetings. Everything is geared toward achieving one goal: the best possible implementation.

Executive programs:
Live healthy leadership.

Leaders not only manage their own energy, but also that of their teams. This poses challenges, especially in times of working-from-home and hybrid collaboration. We at FITFIRM rely on the principle of healthy leadership. We strengthen managers in their roles using individual coaching, supervision and targeted training.

Keynote Speeches:
Our lectures connect with both head and heart.

They bundle our key findings from science and real-life practice and are presented in a compact and entertaining way: Our keynotes motivate and inspire from the very first minute and present challenging impulses for a healthier lifestyle. Our speeches feature surprising insights and practical tips on resilience, mental strength and healthy leadership.

Medical diagnostics:
Numbers sometimes speak louder than words.

Our medical diagnostics are not only an integral adjunct to our programs, they’re also a stand-alone feature. That’s because our experience shows: a review of your personal physiology along with fact-based consultation with a medical professional are significant motivators for health-conscious behavior.

Depending on your needs, our diagnostics include measuring stress hormones (e.g., daily cortisol content of saliva), neurotransmitters (e.g. [nor-]adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin) and multi-day HRV (heart rate variability).

Gain smart control over your own health!

No matter what goals you set for yourself, what matters is how you implement them in everyday life. Our intuitive 40 Day Challenge App helps you keep an eye on your goals and implement them consistently until they are completely internalized and anchored.

Individual coaching:
Personal and confidential exchange.

Occasionally, you’ll want to discuss personal issues and concerns in private. These can include issues faced at work or personal challenges.

We’re experienced business and life coaches, sports psychologists, doctors and psychotherapists – but above all, we’re people: trustworthy and reliable partners you can talk to for help and guidance at crucial moments.